The Art of Watering

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Important Watering Facts

• It is NOT necessary to water newly installed plants EVERYDAY.
• Too much water can kill a plant, just as easily as not enough.
• Watering depends on many factors such as soil content, type of plant, and other conditions based on location (i.e. prevailing winds, urban, sun exposure, etc.)
• Do NOT rely on rainfall to keep plant roots moist. The plant canopy redirects rainwater away from the root ball.
• The best way to tell if a plant need water is to dig down 2-3″ at the edge of the root ball using a hand troweL If the soil is dry in the original root ball, its time to water. MOST IMPORTANTLY, continue to water until late Fall- November 15th through November 30th. This will 􀀣elp to hydrate the plants going into the long winter.

Watering Tips

• Plant specs are crucial to understanding your plants watering needs. Utilize them to determine how their habits fit into your landscape and how to manipulate watering needs appropriately.
• Hose nozzles and movable sprinklers are NOT suitable ways to water new plants. Sprinkling plants will only give you a light dampening just like rain–and waste many gallons of water.
• Sprinkler systems (designed for the planting beds ONLY) are a great way to irrigate, so long as they are installed and timed properly. Turf sprinkler systems are specifically designed for lawns. You should not depend on turf water to migrate and thoroughly hydrate planting beds.
• When in doubt, your Account Manager is here to help. Ask away!


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The Art of Watering

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